Meet Natalie

Bridal Specialist | Skin Specialist | Accredited Educator

I’m Natalie and I’m the founder of Natalie Kate Makeup Artist,

The Blossom Rooms Skin Clinic, and my new Academy; Blossom Education.


If you are on this page; there is a good chance you are seriously interested in either entering the incredible world of Makeup Artistry and/or Skin, or you are wanting to develop and building your existing business even further.


And here’s where I step in!


This Business has been a dream of mine for a couple of years now, and with thanks to the C-word, has taken a little back burner while I myself as well as so many others in the industry find our feet again after a chaotic 18 months. But now it’s back to business, and time to take on the world!


After what feels like a lifetime in the Makeup World (nearly a decade now, ouch!) I’ve realised that not all courses are built the same. Some offer dated, old school approaches which give you the good ‘bones’ to the qualification, but no hands on experience that realtime clients in the current climate want.. or they’re fast paced, and focused on the short term goals. For me, my brand and reputation is heavily built within the Bridal industry; an industry I’ve known and loved for so long now.


Year on year, I continuously fill my diary to the brim with incredible brides, and have to turn away so many as I can no longer fit them in.

A nice position to be in? Absolutely. But in speaking to so many students of mine, they struggle to even meet 2-5 Wedding Bookings a year. 


When I'm not travelling the Country and Internationally for Brides, I'm based at my Skin Clinic; The Blossom Rooms delivering the very best in Skincare and Skin Treatments- from Microneedling and Chemical Peels, to beautiful results-driven facials, with Dermaplaning and loads of added extra's! Skin really is my thing, and there is nothing more rewarding than helping clients to achieve beautiful skin they feel amazing in- both with and without Makeup. 

I've been there as a Small Business Owner wondering how to get my next client. It's a scary, lonely place. And I feel like the Industry itself often gives you the qualifications to start the treatments, but then you go it alone. 

That's where Blossom Education has been created to be totally different. There are no secrets, no holding back, and no half-hearted courses. Each Course has been designed to see my students succeed. After all, they are a walking talking advertisement for me and their success speaks volumes about the work we create here. I am the biggest believer in helping women create the life they want, inspiring and pushing one another to do better, and with zero competiveness. There is room at the table for everyone; and gone are the day's of women not supporting one another!

Hey Honey!

So enough about me, lets learn more about you...

Are you ready to take your Business to the next level?