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Teaching Makeup Artists & Bridal Artists how to reach their goals, hit their full potential, push their business further, and live the life they dream of.

The Membership

The Blossom Membership has been specifically created to deliver the best Education for Makeup Artists at any stage in their career. We'll be leaving you feeling inspired, creative, and ready to skyrocket your career. 

Transform your Business by reaching your full potential, and stepping out of that comfort zone you've been in for far too long!


Become the best version of you

Everyday, we train and speak to artist's all over the UK who are feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, and like they are missing out. 

They find keeping up with trends a minefield, the task of social media like another job altogether, and are struggling to fill their diaries with both regular Bookings and Bridal Bookings. 

So here's where we come in..

A monthly membership, your biggest support, and a community of like-minded artists ready to take their business to new heights with you by their side!

We are for you if..

  • You want to establish yourself as a well known, trusted, professional MUA within the Makeup and Bridal worlds.

  • You want to learn exactly how to nail the looks you keep seeing every artist who inspires you get right, every, single, time.

  • You are ready to learn new skills, step up your brand, and fill that diary

  • You want to book incredible Brides, who simply must have you as part of their Wedding

  • You need clarity within your business. You want to grow, and an income and bank balance to match your hard work

  • You want more self confidence, to feel empowered, and finally know your worth

You are for us, if..

  • You are ready to put in the work, dedication and effort required to build the life and career you truly deserve

  • You are supportive, you clap for others successes, and you only want to see the industry raised

  • You are ready to take charge and know your true worth

What's Included?


Makeup Tutorials, How to's, Bridal Artistry and more! 

Our videos are super in-depth, with no secrets here. Gone are the days of wondering what products are being used, or tips being held back. You get an access all area's pass to exactly what is being used, and in what way. Our video's are from Leading Makeup Artists in their field, showing you their favourite techniques and methods to create their Signature Looks clients request time and time again!

LIVE sessions

LIVE sessions to see looks being completed as you watch along in the comfort of your own home.

LIVE Masterclasses, as well as Group Discussion Hubs where we'll share insights, support, and discuss the latest news within the Makeup and Wedding world!

Community over Competition

Surround yourself with positive, successful and likeminded women. Those who want nothing more than the best for their business. A community for guidance, support, laughter, and friendship.

We'll plan meet-ups, gatherings, and more! You'll be able to ask questions, tackle difficult situations or clients, and have a group of women who truly have your back.

Monthly Competitions & Events

Be in with the chance to win free makeup lessons, free products and giveaways, and more. Clear your social calendar too, as we'll be hosting meet-ups, events, and gatherings to celebrate our successes. Showcase your latest looks and newly learnt skills for a chance to win goodies, and submit your work for feedback and constructive critique should you want to know how to push your skill further. 

How-to Guides

A specific 'how-to' section covering everything from your Kit, to your Mindset. Your Industry Cheat Sheets, to the more technical aspects such as wording your terms,  bridal documentation, and your roadmap to success. Gone are the day's of winging it and hoping for this best.

These Guides will have you Organised, and making the most of your time!


Learn from the very best, and those who have been there, done that, and made the mistakes. Interviews with those who inspire you, and know the Makeup and Wedding World inside out. Here we'll chat to those who really know their stuff, and bring the exclusives directly to you!

Social Media Success

Struggling to keep up with the world of social media? It's ever changing, but we've got you, sis!

From templates you can quickly change and upload for your own content, to challenges and calendars to keep you organised on socials. Up your online presence, reach new potential clients and brides, and get noticed by brands! Get ready for your phone to blow up with bookings...

Finance Help

Tired of the guesswork when it comes to your pricing? Stuck worrying that you can't increase your prices, but know your profit margins are shrinking and shrinking? What the hell is a profit margin anyway? How can I expand my income, and stop worrying what I'm going to make next month?! The worries are endless. Here we have guides and vlogs to get you organised, in control of the finances, and living the life YOU want to, earning your dream income. 

and so much more...

So what you waiting for?